7 compelling reasons to get a High-Risk Payment Gateway

High-Risk Payment Gateways are referred to the payment gateways that are specially tailored for the High-Risk Business.

“The total transaction value in digital payments is projected to reach $6,682,332 million in 2021,”


A business must have a payment gateway to secure the transactions that happen on a daily accord.

A payment gateway is a payment processing channel that verifies, processes, and accepts or declines payments. The high-risk businesses are denied payment solutions from conventional Payment Service Providers. Therefore, eMerchantPro is here to save the day for those businesses.

But the question remains why do you need one.

7 Compelling Reasons
Listed below are the crucial reasons to take a payment processing channel into account:

Real-Time Transactions: A payment gateway such as eMerchantPro’s is embedded with the feature of Real-Time Transactions. It clears the payments in real-time as the payment is processed. Conventional transactions are a time taking process with many hassles. However, with a payment gateway, the process becomes hassle-free and least time-consuming. Though the procedure that a payment gateway follows is internally huge , the payments are processed in a second or two. That makes it tremendously time-efficient.
Immense Security: Payment processing channels maintain high levels of security. Maybe some of the payment service providers don’t extend their security to the maximum but with eMerchantPro, you get a huge advantage.
3DS and Non-3DS payment gateway for security to the payment gateway based on the virtual OTP.
eMerchantPro is PCI Compliant i.e. PCI DSS stamp to ensure that encryption.
SSL Certification to enable security encryption.
P2PE: person-to-person encryption to protect the sensitive data of the consumers throughout the process
Increase Consumer Experience: Various features of a payment gateway boosts the UX of the business. For example:
Multi-currency support: allows the consumers to pay in their own currencies. A convenience feature for the consumers to enjoy.
Multiple language support: for those consumers who feel more comfortable in their language this feature comes in handy for the business.
Easy Checkout: redirections can be a cause for the loss of maximum consumers. Therefore, an easy checkout option can complete transactions from a single window.
Fraud Prevention Tools: high-risk businesses are prone to frauds and scams that happen on a huge scale.
“The proportion of executives reporting that their companies fell victim to at least one instance of fraud over the past 12 months was 91 percent,”

says Firstpost.

Thus, a business undertaking a payment processing channel should make sure that the payment gateway has fraud prevention tools.

eMerchantPro has various deceit protection tools along with Chargeback management as well. A reason for your high-risk business to get a payment gateway is that it enhances the chargeback ratio of your business and at the same time prevents fraud for your company.

5. Allow 24/7/365 days payment: As your presence in the cycle of transactions is minimal, and the automation is doing all the work, consumers can pay on your website at any time. Using automation in the online world is important in the present times. Late payments will bring high-risk businesses to a halt. Not having {the ability} to pay bills, pay the team or expand the business is extraordinarily demoralizing for any business owner.

A payment gateway offers your consumer the ability to pay instantly, while on the move, and securely. If you create it simple for your shoppers to pay, then your invoices are paid twice as fast.

6. Global Card Saving: To enhance the transaction experience it is important that the card details or the payment details are saved for further use. Statistics suggest most consumers tend to drop a product or service if they have to enter their payment details over and over again.

Therefore with a payment gateway security can be maintained and at the same time, the convenience can be provided to the consumers to pay multiple times without going through the hassle of inputting the payment details.

7. Instant Payments through online channels: Instant payment is a component of the “do it now” online culture. Once your consumer sends a web invoice, the pathway to payment is fast and easy for the recipient.

Click a link to open the invoice (your client can immediately see it’s been opened)

browse the invoice and click on the preferred ‘pay now’ option’

Enter their credentials and build the payment’

It’s fast, convenient, and increasingly, expected.

Let us Sum Things Up
Bringing it to a close, there are diverse reasons for a high-risk business to get a payment gateway. Hence, eMerchantPro has various features for the payment gateway. Our features will generate a better conversion ratio for your business and at the same time will keep the security high for your company.

We understand that chargebacks and frauds are a major concern for your business. And for that reason, we have dedicated tools that will come in handy whenever there is a chance of fraud or chargeback

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