Planetarium Domes: A Never-Before Way to Adopt Immersive Technologies For Your Event

With the adoption of offbeat immersive technologies, the demand for planetarium domes is increasing in different applications across industries. As of today, the approach has gone beyond the traditional concept with overhead screen projection displaying the planetary subjects and space world and used widely in industries for training, sales promotion, education, product designing/prototyping among others to optimize the event outcome. Compared to inflatable domes, most event planners prefer using geodesic domes for their unique features.

Geodesic Event Domes

Made of metal structure on the framing of interconnected heavy-duty steel powder coated or colored pipes, lightweight water and light proof durable vinyl covering, and inner projection liners, it’s an ultimate solution to represent your event while making it ‘wow’. Depending on the number of your audience, you can rent geostatic planetarium domes ranging from 10’ to 120’ and can be within 2-3 weeks depending on your dome size at almost anywhere. The unique structural concept of the domes makes them super tough, resistant to all extreme weather conditions and looks stunning.

Unique Features of Geodesic domes

Robust and Long-lasting

Followed by preplanned decking and flooring job on the specific space, forming and erecting the dome with heating and cooling process make your geostatic planetarium domes extremely robust and enduring. Once installed the dome is fixed securely with all necessary tools that make it potent enough to withstand all adverse climatic conditions including storms, snow falling, heat, and heavy showers.

Fast to Get Started

Make sure to contact experienced provides specializing in planetarium domes like geodesic ones. According to your dome requirements in terms of dimension, facets, and others, forming the structure usually takes a maximum of around 2-3 weeks to prepare for you to get started.

Uniform Air and Heat Distribution

The inner environment of the geodesic domes when made diligently can distribute air and heat uniformly throughout the setting. So, irrespective of the exterior weather condition, the central ambiance of the dome feels welcoming and cozy for your audience.

Budget-Friendly Option

one of the leading reasons why more and more businesses, educational establishments, and training centers, consider renting geodesic planetarium domes is that compared to traditional halls, it won’t need organizers to spend considerably. While they can be formed according to your necessities enabling you to customize your venue uniquely, creatively, and resourcefully, you can get the deliverable with 15-21 days based on your project type. With the rental option, you will count the highest ROI with the cost-effectiveness of the domes.

Popular Applications of Planetarium Domes


Ranging from healthcare, military, workplace, industries involved in manufacturing, etc have started employing planetarium domes to make their training programs, tactical strategies easy ingestible to the participants. The adoption of AR/VR integrated training offers a practical experience that appears difficult via traditional classroom training.


To build brand image, the use of geodesic as well as inflatable domes in gaining a large footprint in the highly competitive marketplace. Why not consider incorporating immersive technologies through dome presentation that persuade your potential consumers to understand the specialties of your product, how it can make their life relaxing, and boost confidence about your brand.

Product designing and prototyping

When it comes to product designing or developing a prototype and understanding the whole project quickly and seamlessly, there is no second choice of implementing immersive tech into planetarium domes eliminating challenges faced by the production team.